Hanoi University of Business and Technology (HUBT)

Xét tuyển ĐH,CĐ 2016
500 chỉ tiêu đợt 1 vào hệ chính quy năm 2016
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Tuyển sinh Thạc Sĩ 2016
Chỉ tiêu tuyển sinh đợt 1, với 05 chuyên ngành: 400
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Tuyển sinh ĐH Liên thông
Liên hệ thầy Linh: 0974810118 để nộp hồ sơ
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TS Văn bằng 2-Ngành Luật
Đối tượng: Người đã có Văn bằng đại học của tất cả các trường.
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Du học HUBT
Kết hợp trong nước và nước ngoài: 1+3; 2+2; 3+1
Hotline: 0976774533
UB.Student – Khóa học nghiệp vụ Ngân hàng dành cho Sinh viên
Cuộc thi CNTT Sinh viên HUBT 2017
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Thông số Alexa: Global Rank 122,861 | Rank in Vietnam 979
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Tuyển Research Associate (on Biology/culture & Religion/architecture, Materials/art/construction...)

Thảo luận trong '5. VIỆC LÀM/ THỰC TẬP' bắt đầu bởi Ospace, 20/12/16.

  1. Ospace Thành viên

    Level 5, Sentinel Place Building, 41A Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem | Library D1: 98 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Ha Noi
    Job des
    - Conduct in-depth research in primary and secondary materials (mainly Ospace Library’s materials).
    - Do reports and presentation on assigned topics weekly.
    - Handle queries from research questions posed by email, by phone, via website, via social pages and in person, etc.
    - Regularly assists patrons who visit Ospace Library:
    one-on-one research and reference assistance, including introducing patrons to the collections, databases, and finding aids, and providing guidance on how to correctly handle science materials;
    Tracks queries for team members who may be expert in the field of unanswered questions,
    - Participate in workshops, exhibits, public programs, and other Library activities.
    - Write articles about the collections for the Ospace Library’s website

    The ideal candidates are those who have passion in research field specializing in culture and religion, architecture, design, real estate, construction:
    - English skills: reading-listening-speaking-writing
    - Love for book
    - Excellent writing, editing, and communications skills.
    - Strong computer skills: Word, Powerpoint, Excel...
    - Research skills
    - Team player – committed to team’s goal, and dedicated with Ospace culture. Team members are also expected to give excellent customer service, and convey a positive experience to all inquirers.
  • SVHUBTFORUM.COM - Tuyển Research Associate (on Biology/culture & Religion/architecture, Materials/art/construction...)

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